Leaded Brasses - Flat, stiff, free-cutting brass for blanking; clock, watch, and instrument frames; wheels and so on. Also used for engraving purposes.

Commercial Temper Low Leaded
12' Mill Length

CDA 330 AMS 4555 ASTM B135
UNS C33000
Nominal Composition:
Copper: 66% Zinc: 35.5% Lead: 0.5%
Unit of Measure



N/A Brass


N/A Seamless Tube

Outside Diameter

N/A 1 9/16 inches

Outside Diameter

N/A 1.5625 inches39.6875 mm

Wall Thickness (Stubs Gauge)

N/A 12 gauge

Wall Thickness

N/A 0.109 inches2.7686 mm


N/A 1.8336 lbs/ft2.72876352 kg/m

Weight per 12' PC

N/A 22.004 lbs9.978814 kg

Nominal Composition

N/A 0.5% Lead 35.5% Zinc 66% Copper

ASTM Specification

N/A AMS 4555 ASTM B135 CDA 330 UNS C33000

Mill Length

N/A 12 ft

Dimensional Specifications

Clean-up Allowances for I.D.

N/A 1/32 inches

Clean-up Allowances for O.D.

N/A 1/32 inches

Tolerance for I.D.

N/A -0.033 inches+0.012 inches

Tolerance for O.D.

N/A -0.006 inches+0.004 inches