Ranging from chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing to food processing, Alloy 20 is an austenitic nickel-iron-chromium super alloy that combines copper with molybdenum. Also known as Carpenter 20 and Incoloy® 20, this pipe is ideal for acidic environments - especially when sulfuric, phosphoric, or nitric acids are heavily processed. This also makes it the preferred choice for piping material where applications are dependent on superior corrosion, crevice, and pitting resistance. Alloy 20 pipe is widely adopted for food production as well as synthetics manufacturing for explosives, chemicals, and gasoline.
Unit of Measure



N/A Tubes Tubing


N/A 1 1/2 in38.10 mm


N/A 0.134 in3.4036 mm


N/A Alloy

Available Form

N/A Flat Bar Forging Stock Hexagon Plate Round Bar Sheet Strip Tube Wire Shapes

Nickel Alloy Compositions


N/A Alloy 20


N/A 8.08 lbs/in³0.292 g/cm³

ASTM Specification

N/A ASME SB 464 ASME SB 468 ASME SB 474 ASME SB 729 ASME SB 751 ASME SB 775 ASME SB 829 ASTM B 464 ASTM B 468 ASTM B 474 ASTM B 729 ASTM B 751 ASTM B 775 ASTM B 829 DIN 77751 ISO 6207

Additional Information

Additional Information

N/A Alloy 20 Pipe is available in Seamless or Welded from Size ranges 1/8" up to 26". Listed below are common sizes. Please contact for sizes not listed.

Its combination of 31-44% Fe, 32.5-35% Ni, 19-21% Cr, 3-4% Cu, and 2-3% Mo yield elevated mechanical properties that allow for easy fabrication. It can also be used in TIG, MIG, or SAW welding applications or easily formed through hot and cold working. Alloy 20, Carpenter 20, and Incoloy® 20 piping systems are manufactured worldwide for process piping, mixing tanks, heat exchangers, pickling equipment, pumps, or any facility that requires corrosion resistant piping for synthetic material transport.

When compared to other steels in this category, some debate exists as to whether or not Alloy 20 is classified as a nickel or stainless steel alloy due to its higher degree of nickel content. Regardless of this dispute, our Alloy 20 piping line has proven its performance by serving an array of industrial applications. It also meets or exceeds over 44 different industry standards including ASTM, ASME, ISO, and DIN, making it a versatile choice for specialized piping in a wide variety of industries.

We are proud to stock and offer Nickel Alloy 20, Carpenter 20, and Incoloy® 20 pipe in various shapes and sizes. Alloy 20 is also available for other mechanical or structural applications. We sell it in the form of flat bar, forging stock, hexagon, plate, sheet, strip, tube, round bar, and wire shapes.