Structural Steel Shapes are usually ordered as specification ASTM-A36.

This Standard of the American Society for Testing and Materials is issued under the designation A-36.

All size available as hot dipped galvanized

Conforms to A-36.
Standard lengths 20', 40', 60'
Unit of Measure



N/A Steel


N/A Structural Channels

Depth - A

N/A 3.00 inches76.2 mm


N/A 3.5 lbs/ft5.208574 kg/m

Flange Width - B

N/A 1.375 inches34.925 mm

Web Thickness - C

N/A 0.135 inches3.429 mm

Weight per 20 ft. Length

N/A 70 lbs31.71 kg

Weight per 30 ft. Length

N/A 105 lbs47.565 kg

Weight per 40 ft. Length

N/A 140 lbs63.42 kg

Weight per 60 ft. Length

N/A 210 lbs95.13 kg

Stock Length

N/A 20 ft40 ft60 ft

Typical Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength

N/A 56000 to 80000 psi

Min. Yield Strength

N/A 36000 psi

Max. Carbon Content

N/A 0.26

ASTM Specification