Galvanized is a term long used to describe steel sheets coated with zinc. Usually associated with the hot dipped process but the zinc coating can also be applied by electroplating. Our hot dipped galvanized sheets are produced to conform with ASTM A525. Electrogalvanized conforms to ASTM A591

The producing mills have accomplished many technological advancements in recent years in the manufacture of both hot dipped and electrogalvanized sheets. The end use should determine the type of coated product and surface condition required. Regardless of the coating weight, spangle size, method of manufacture or surface preparation required Following are descriptions of the grades and conditions of galvanized sheets used most often.

Hot Dipped G90 Coating
Electro galvanized sheets are offered subject to inquiry.
Unit of Measure



N/A Steel


N/A Corrugated Roofing


N/A 28 gauge


N/A 0.015 inches0.381 mm


N/A 27 1/2 x 120


N/A 27 1/2


N/A 120

Sheet Weight per Unit Area

N/A 4.3 lbs/ft²20.9926 kg/m²

Weight per Sheet

N/A 19.5 lbs8.8335 kg