Most versatile of many machinable alloys, high-speed, free-cutting brass rod permits fast screw machine operations without sacrifice of quality in the finished part and with minimum tool maintenance. Fills 90 percent of industry's need for machining rod.
Tellurium Copper - Offers excellent machinability without seriously compromising such desirable properties of pure copper as electrical and thermal conductivity and hot workability. Frequently used for soldering iron and welding

12' Mill Lengths Hard Drawn

CDA 145 ASTM B301
UNS C14500
Nominal Composition:
Copper: 99.5% Tellurium: 0.5% Phosphorus: 0.008%
Unit of Measure



N/A Tellurium Copper


N/A Round Rod


N/A Hard Drawn


N/A 1 3/8 inches


N/A 1.375 inches34.925 mm


N/A 5.7555 lbs/ft8.5653351 kg/m

Weight per 12' Length

N/A 69.066 lbs31.286898 kg

ASTM Specification

N/A ASTM B301 CDA 145 UNS C14500

Nominal Composition

N/A 0.008% Phosphorus 0.5% Tellurium 99.5% Copper

Mill Length

N/A 12 ft

Dimensional Specifications

Clean-up Allowances for I.D.

N/A 1/32 inches

Clean-up Allowances for O.D.

N/A 1/32 inches

Tolerance for I.D.

N/A -0.033 inches+0.012 inches

Tolerance for O.D.

N/A -0.006 inches+0.004 inches