Inconel 601 is nickel-chromium alloy with an addition of aluminum for outstanding resistance to oxidation and other forms of high-temperature corrosion. It also has high mechanical properties at elevated temperatures. Inconel 601 is used for industrial furnaces; heat-treating equipment such as baskets, muffles and retorts; petrochemical and other process equipment; and gas-turbine components. Standard product forms are round, flats, forging stock, pipe, tube, plate, sheet, strip and wire.
Unit of Measure



N/A Inconel®


N/A Plates


N/A 3 inches


N/A 3.000 inches76.2 mm

Plate Weight per Unit Area

N/A 0.89024 lbs/in²625.9006807 kg/m²

Nickel Alloy Compositions


N/A Inconel® 601

Basic Composition

N/A 1.4% Aluminum 14.4% Iron 23.0% Chrominum 60.5% Nickel


N/A 0.291 lbs/in³8.06 g/cm³

ASTM Specification

N/A ASME SB-168 ASTM B168 SAE 5870 UNS N06601

Typical Mechanical Properties

Melting Temperature Range

N/A 2480 to 2571 ºF1360 to 1411 ºC

Rupture Strength (1000 h at 1200°F/650°C)

N/A 28000 psi195 MPa

Rupture Strength (1000 h at 1400°F/760°C)

N/A 9100 psi63 MPa

Rupture Strength (1000 h at 1600°F/870°C)

N/A 4300 psi30 MPa

Rupture Strength (1000 h at 1800°F/980°C)

N/A 2100 psi14 MPa

Rupture Strength (1000 h at 2000°F/1095°C)

N/A 1000 psi7 MPa