A nickel-iron-chromium alloy with an addition of silicon for enhanced oxidation resistance. It has good strength at high temperatures and excellent resistance to carburizing and oxidizing atmospheres. The alloy's austenitic microstructure remains stable during long-time exposure to high temperature. Used in industrial heating for furnace muffles, retorts, and conveyor systems and for heat-treating baskets and fixtures. Standard product forms are round, flats, forging stock, plate, sheet, strip and wire.
Unit of Measure



N/A Incoloy®


N/A Plates


N/A 1/2 inches


N/A 0.500 inches12.7 mm

Plate Weight per Unit Area

N/A 0.15350 lbs/in²107.9211836 kg/m²

Nickel Alloy Compositions


N/A Incoloy 330

Basic Composition

N/A 1.1% Silicon 18.5% Chrominum 35.5% Nickel 44.0% Iron


N/A 0.292 lbs/in³8.08 g/cm³

ASTM Specification

N/A ASME SB-536 ASTM B-536 SAE 5592 UNS N08330

Typical Mechanical Properties

Melting Temperature Range

N/A 2450 to 2600 ºF1345 to 1425 ºC

Rupture Strength (1000 h at 1400°F/760°C)

N/A 7000 psi48 MPa

Rupture Strength (1000 h at 1600°F/870°C)

N/A 3100 psi21 MPa

Rupture Strength (1000 h at 1800°F/980°C)

N/A 1250 psi8.6 MPa

Rupture Strength (1000 h at 2000°F/1095°C)

N/A 780 psi5.4 MPa