Available as plain or hot dipped galvanized
Unit of Measure



N/A Steel


N/A Expanded Metal


N/A 1 1/2 inches


N/A 1.5 inches38.1 mm
Style Designation1 N/A 1 1/2"-No. 14-16

Weight per 100 Sq. Feet

N/A 53 lbs24.0355 kg

Diamond Size

N/A 1.35 x 3.28 inches34.29 x 83.312 mm

Overall Thickness

N/A 0.063 inches1.6002 mm

Width (SWD)

N/A 3' 4'

Length (LWD)

N/A 8'
  • 1 First number represents nominal width, the short way of diamond, measuring from center to center of bonds. Second number represents approximate gauge of sheet before expanding. Third number (flattened only) represents approximate gauge after flattening.