Copper wire, which is known mainly for its excellent electrical conductivity, offers users a wide selection of benefits. The positive properties of copper wire include:

• Good thermal conductor

• Does not tend to corrode

• Naturally hygienic and antibacterial

• Excellent workability and ductility

• Tough with high melting point

• Non-magnetic

Copper wire is an indispensible part of the modern world and is found in a variety of applications including power distribution, telecommunications, power transmission, power generation, appliances, medical equipment, automotive, marine, and many more. Continental Steel supplies 30 different types of copper wire in a wide variety of diameters and lengths.

Unit of Measure

Diameter Range

N/A 0.002”-0.250”


N/A 0.250”-144.0”


N/A 4 7/8” flange x 3 ½” traverse x 3” barrel x .630” bore 8” flange x 6” traverse x 4 5/8” barrel x .390 bore


N/A 12"-22”