Copper strip, which is a rolled version of copper, offers users a wide selection of benefits which include:

• Good thermal conductor

• Does not easily corrode even when exposed to natural elements

• Naturally hygienic and antibacterial

• Excellent workability and ductility

• Non-magnetic

• Attractive for large scale construction projects

Copper strip is found in a large range of applications including, construction (roofs, domes, spires, rain gutters), electric vehicles, electrical components, and printed circuit boards. Continental Steel is proud to stock and sell 47 different types of copper strip in a wide variety of gauges and widths. All of our copper strip can be cut-to-length ranging from 0.250”-144.0”.

Unit of Measure

Gauge Range

N/A 0.005"-0.166"

Width Range

N/A 0.080"-24.000"