Made in a variety of widths, gauges and tempers - for stamping, deep drawing, forming, spinning and spring applications. Precise control of grain structure means economy in fabrication, with excellent finish and quality.
Cartridge Brass, 70% - For small arms, shell cases; deep drawn and spun parts; eyelet machine products.
Copper Strip - For drawing, stamping, spinning; for leaders, gutters, flashing.

Soft, 1/4 Hard and Half Hard Temper
Drawing and Spinning Quality

CDA260 AMS 4505, 4507 ASTMB19, B36 UNS C2600O
Nominal Composition:
Copper: 70% Zinc 30%
Unit of Measure



N/A Brass


N/A Strip & Coil


N/A 1/4 Hard Half Hard Soft


N/A 0.004 inches0.1016 mm

B & S No.

N/A 38 gauge

Nominal Composition

N/A 30% Zinc 70% Copper

ASTM Specification

N/A AMS 4505 AMS 4507 ASTM B19 ASTM B36 CDA 260 UNS C26000